Welcome to the Norse IoT Club's Official Wiki

The Norse IoT club is focused on student led research and projects concerning Internet of Things devices and applications. Through this student organization, we hope to foster a community for students, faculty, alumni, and industry establishments that are enthusiastic about the opportunities IoT has to offer.

Club Resources

  • Our Website contains general information about the club.
  • Our GitHub contains project code, making it a great place to start learning.
  • Our Discord is a great way to connect with members of the community.
  • Our Google Drive contains miscellaneous project resources, as well as club marketing materials.
  • Our CampusGroups contains official club details, including a list of upcoming meetings.

Edit access to the GitHub and Google Drive are available on request. Just DM one of our Officers on Discord with your GitHub username or Google Drive email.

Getting Started

  • A great place to start is our Getting Started guide for ESP-32 development. ESP-32 micrcocontrollers are the basis of most Norse IoT projects, and this guide covers how to set up an ESP-32 and start programming for it.

What's this Wiki?

The goal of this wiki is to be a one stop shop for concrete information, including tips for getting started with projects, and links to useful long term resources about our projects.