3d Printer

This is a draft

The printer we have is a Original Prusa MK4

Nametag Project

As an example project to practice 3d printing, you can make a nametag at https://www.nametag-designer.com/, which will give you a .stl file.

Then, you can reference the PRUSA documentation and the official download link to download the Prusa Slicer for your operating system.

You're going to want the one for the "ORIGINAL PRUSA MK4".

I (Zack Sargent) tested version 2.7.4 under "DRIVERS & APPS 2.7.4" on Fedora Linux.

The appimage "PrusaSlicer-2.7.4+linux-x64-GTK3-202404050928.AppImage" worked perfectly first time for me.

Setting up the printer's slicer

Install this to your system, if available:


Select the default:


Unless you have more configurations to make, press Finish

Adding your file


I left everything as the default, and clicked "Export G-Code".


Then, I got a G-Code file that the printer was able to print, after I put it on a flashdrive.